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Clean opperating department

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Clean opperating department


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Design Concept  International advanced design concept

International first-class medical purification design concept: clean diversion, streamline short, scientific and environmental protection, reasonable and efficient. Will be medical, suffering, clean, dirty four flow to the strict separation and efficient operation.

Unique Decoration  Innovative unique decorative effect

The first original arc-shaped technology, never rusty modular wall material, the quality of unlimited German flooring, cast a spacious clean, fresh, comfortable and sustainable development of the brilliant life space.

Energy Saving System  Efficient energy-saving purification system

The introduction of the world's most advanced German purification technology combined with the latest national standards, the use of conventional energy saving than 30% of the scientific program to ensure a good performance and price ratio and time-saving and efficient perfect unity.

Elaborate Layout  The distinctive interior layout/strong>

To the overall design concept of the scientific facilities to optimize the combination of equipment for health care workers to play a high level of order to create a convenient, safe and clean surgical success conditions.


The sealed, soundproofed door isolates airflow and sound between the interior and exterior. It is suitable for places like hospitals, where clean air and a quiet environment are desirable


Jiuxin patent "luminous laminar flow airflower", as the name suggests is both light and air, operating room air purification system using international advanced air purification high-end technology, strictly control the indoor temperature, humidity, dust, bacteria, harmful gases Concentration and distribution of air to ensure that the indoor staff required fresh air, so that health care workers feel fresh and comfortable. Long letter of the R & D team developed a nano-fiber membrane through the layers of filtering to make the new wind more delicate, the traditional operating room roof is stainless steel roof, and "luminous laminar flow air ceilings" with full light function to make up for the lack of light defect. Using a low consumption of LED cold light source so that his lighting device, will not have an impact on the air, fully guarantee the quality of fresh air.


Using the button, the operating room all the objects within the controller set in a panel above the convenience of the operation of medical staff. Below it is a nurses writing desk, the traditional operating room nurses are moving type, the larger the space occupied. And long letter of the nurses used in the embedded type, need to use directly open, the built-in light source only when the pull will be bright, close it when it is extinguished, play the effect of energy saving.


Items required during surgery can be delivered through this delivery box without the need for personnel to enter and exit to prevent air pollution. Jiuxin production of the transmission box is characterized by asynchronous closure, both sides of the door at the same time only one side can be opened, reducing the space convection caused by pollution.


Jiuxin production and processing equipment cabinet process is very fine, the groove is a one-time casting molding, not only opening and closing smooth, and will not produce health corner, the cabinet stainless steel surface of the wire was processed, not dizzy and very beautiful , Line splicing at the three-dimensional sense, in the equipment cabinet, built a sponge layer, reducing the use of noise, to the doctor to create a quiet surgical environment.


The bases of the walls in operating rooms are trimmed with top-grade decorative materials made of imported stainless steel and antirust aluminum alloy plate. Abundant color options are available for wall surfaces. The module wall is of high rigidity material filled with fireproofing and soundproofing material, with resistance to impact,weather,pollution and corrosion. Single wall panels are easy to install and disassemble, making them suitable for combining with built-in instrument cabinets.


The choice of flooring is imported rubber flooring, compression, anti-static, wear, easy to clean, absorb the footsteps up to 20 dB, to the operating room to create a quiet surgical environment. In addition it also has a corresponding flexibility, the doctor in the course of a long period of surgery will not feel particularly tired. And the operating room wall color and the color of the floor can be based on the requirements of the hospital to choose.

Insulation cabinet

100 class operating room equipped with the insulation cabinet, 100 operating rooms are generally used to do intracranial, heart and other surgery, the surgical process there will be blood transfusion needs, from the cold cabinet to remove the blood we can put in the cabinet To return to the temperature, so enter the patient's body will reduce the patient's discomfort.

R3OO large arc patent

Arc design is not only in line with the principle of purification of the operating room air flow, and nice, easy to clean without health dead ends.

Landscape patent

A surgery is less than 3,4 hours, as many as 10 hours or more there, in this process the doctor may feel the visual and mental fatigue, and there is such a green landscape, in the surgical gap can Ease the doctor's visual and mental fatigue, in fact, this patent also fully embodies the long-term operating room humanization.

·According to the trial requirements of the medical staff, the whole environment, facilities and equipment of the operating room are scientifically combined with the idea of co-ordination. The order, convenience, safety and cleanliness of the company provide important guarantee for the success of the operation.

·Reasonable, scientific and flexible layout of the specific architectural space, so that the design closer to the nature, and strengthen the order of the function, enhance the artistic charm, more emotional power.

·The whole set of design to clean waste diversion principle, a variety of equipment and equipment co-ordination arrangements, optimize the combination for the health care workers to create a comfortable, clean and convenient treatment environment.