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Original service  Full care

We will provide comprehensive technical support, which includes: telephone support, on-site maintenance, spare parts replacement, system failure reporting and prevention, and regular visits, and the implementation of strict supervision and management mechanism. We have more than a number of directly under the training, assessment and certification of professional services team, not only in time to respond to every service declaration, but also take the initiative to prevent the operation of the equipment embodied in every detail, the whole process of security equipment.

Quick response  Service 24 hours online

I have a strong service capability, and with a strong team of professional and technical, to provide rapid after-sales service response. Technical support and service time is 8: 15-17: 00, Monday to Saturday; during holidays, rest days or during the work, you can call our local service department 24-hour service hotline to get in touch with the staff, we guarantee The user's question at any time can get a timely response. , Maintenance information within 12 hours after the response, the general failure within 24 hours of processing is completed, special failure within 72 hours to complete.

Intimate service  Worry-free after-sales

During the warranty period, we provide free repair or replacement for any quality due to quality problems arising from normal use. During the warranty period, we will conduct a monthly inspection of the system and ensure the long-term, preferential supply and quality after-sales service of spare parts and wearing parts after the expiration of the warranty period and the free technical service for life. After the warranty period, we will continue to provide permanent compensation after-sales technical services. And the establishment of a regular return visit system, after the delivery of the project in the warranty period, a monthly return visit, the warranty period after the quarterly visit once.

Emergency response solution

In the technical support and after-sales service leading group under the unified command to ensure that emergencies occur, can quickly convene technical staff, immediately develop emergency technology program; received the user system failure report phone, first asked the fault phenomenon, according to the fault situation Whether the need to rush to the scene, for the general technical failure, you can use the phone or fax to guide the user to solve their own; can not be resolved in the user, in the user's license conditions, you can use the user to solve the main, remote maintenance supplement means; If still can not solve the problem, or the user requests the scene of the case, in accordance with the technical support and after-sales service responsibility division of labor, the company unified command, coordinated action, when necessary with the appropriate equipment or components, rushed to the scene, until a satisfactory solution ;

My company is headquartered in Changzhou, equipped with a complete after-sales service team and vulnerable parts.
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